ZAPP™ enables individual artists to apply online to multiple art shows, either through a central Web site,, or through the Web sites of specific art shows. The online application process also allows artists to directly upload digital images of their artwork for jury review. The result is that all artwork in the system is in a consistent, high quality, digital format. The digital images are presented to the jurors of each show, and the system allows them to score online.


ZAPP™ features:

Built on the Web, ZAPP™ allows artists and art show administrators 24-hour global access.

ZAPP™ is scalable (near to infinity) and have the capacity to manage a vast number of artist application forms and a vast number of art shows.

* Individual artists complete a standardized universal application form that collects basic contact information (name, address, etc). Each artist only needs to enter this data once into the system. This data will be automatically pulled into any new show’s application form an artist chooses to complete. In addition, the site collects customizable supplemental data as needed for each show the artists elects to enter.

* Shows that use ZAPP™ will no longer need to devote time and resources to entering artist application data that is handwritten or typed into a paper form.

* Artist application fees are collected centrally online for each show, using a VeriSign account maintained by ZAPP™. This process reduces the time and resources each show must allocate to accounts management. Collected funds are disbursed on a pre-scheduled basis to each participating show, less the pre-agreed upon credit card transaction fee.

* ZAPP™ serves as an online application management system, not simply an online data collection device. With this capability, shows are able to use the system to contact applicants, run reports, and manage a number of other functions.

* ZAPP™ has the ability to collect show-specific, customizable data elements (such as categories and questions) that are not shared among shows.

* ZAPP™ has been designed to ensure that confidentiality will be maintained among art shows and among artists.

* ZAPP™ has the capacity to hold show data for multiple years. The system can archive applicant data and images for reference in future years.

* ZAPP™ contains basic marketing and branding information on each show, such as show descriptions, logos, and Web site links. In addition to reinforcing show identity, the information helps artists select the shows for which they wish to complete applications.

* ZAPP™ includes online scoring functionality.

* Shows are able to download all show-specific data that resides in the database as a csv file (comma separated values, aka comma delimited format) that is readily importable into Access and Excel.

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