Since 20 years, printing technology has moved from strictly off-set printing services to high quality digital printing. Even if initially digital printing was only good for quick print jobs and office print this trend changed with the arrival of new high-technology printers such as HP Indigo, Xerox, etc that showed the strong flexibility of digital printing. Now digital printing services offer the same quality as litho printing but have many other advantages.
Advantages of digital printing

•  High printing quality

Even if at the beginning of digital printing services the printing quality was inferior to off-set printing, this is not the case anymore. Digital printing now offers high printing quality that is very close to off-set printing even for high resolution images. The HP Indigo is the best digital printer available on the market and it produces the best quality digital printing very similar from litho printing quality.

•  Short turnaround time

The digital printing technology allows a faster turnaround than off-set printing mostly because you do not have to create plates neither to set them up with digital technology. The set up time saved enables to produce documents faster than with litho printing.

•  High flexibility

Digital printing technology is highly flexible and can enable companies to produce hundreds of different documents (leaflets, postcards, brochures, business cards,…) on many different formats (from A1 to A7 and even more) and on hundreds different types of paper.

•  Variable data printing

One of the main advantages of digital printing is that this allows personalising your document to your recipient. This technology is called variable data printing and can really improve your direct mail response rate and increase you sales

•  Greener

The digital printing process is greener than litho printing because this does not require the creation of plates and it allows short run printing reducing this way the waste of paper. Moreover, most digital printers can print on FSC and recycled papers and propose environmentally friendly inks.

•  Cheaper especially for low volumes

Whereas litho printing used to be much cheaper than digital printing few years ago, this is not the case anymore. Digital printing services prices now compete with off-set costs, and digital print is much cheaper for short run printing of small quantities of documents.

How is Digital printing going to fit with today`s market?

After decades of the litho printing domination, digital printing seems to have a significant advantage on off-set now. Nowadays, companies want to personalise their documents, and on this market, digital printing is very competitive. For quick turn time, emergency printings and short run jobs, digital printing seems to be the right solution. And because being eco-friendly is more than a trend these days, digital printing is an entire part of the going green process in many companies. Moreover, the digital printing improvements of these past few years such as the increase of the machine speed and the decrease of prices notably increased its competiveness on the print market.

Holly Albert is a writer, who specializes in writing on brochure printers, digital printing, short run printing and commercial printing. If you are searching for variable data printing services in UK please visit us at

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