Since the time photography was invented, people have always wanted to show off their priceless photos. The trend nowadays is to display photography on large canvas prints, also known as gallery wraps. It is a contemporary method of displaying paintings or printing on canvas.

Gallery wraps are mostly canvases stretched and wrapped around the sides of specially made wooden bars. The side bars of the frame are called stretcher bars or strainer bars. These are usually 1.25 to 1.5 inches thick. The canvas stretched around the wooden bars can be securely held in place with help of staples or pins. The sides of the canvas can feature either a continuation of the image or colored borders. Hence, canvas gallery wraps present a flowing and uninterrupted view of an image. There are no rules regarding choosing the design and pattern for the sides. You can have your own preferences.

How are Gallery Wrap Photos Made?

Do you want to print your favorite sceneries on a canvas and gift it to a friend who is an ardent art-lover? Gallery wrapped canvas prints and photos can be obtained through online service providers. You have to upload the image to a service provider’s site. Select a standard or a custom size as you wish. Also, the sides can be photo edited according to your preferences. Then, they are printed on canvas using digital canvas printing techniques.

While printing, an extra space will be allowed for wrapping. After printing, the canvas is then coated to protect it from minor damages and fading as well as scratches and lighting. Sometimes even UV protection is offered by the coating that is applied on the canvas. The prints are then stretched and wrapped around wooden bars to produce a stunning visual art. Most of these canvases come ready to hang with the necessary hardware. Though many people confuse gallery wraps with canvas stretching, both are different. While canvas stretching is not a finished product, gallery wraps are finished products.

What are the Benefits of Gallery Prints?

These frameless canvases provide an enchanting look wherever they are used. Being contemporary, these canvas gallery wraps are popular with art-lovers. It is also an ideal method for professional photographers to display their work to prospective clients. Gallery wrapped canvas prints are a popular and inexpensive way to display your art or photographs. Display customized gallery wrap photos and large canvas prints on your walls, and get ready for those wonderful complements.

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