Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Color Printing and scanning needs in the Los Angeles area have grown exponentially over the last five years. Meeting deadlines with speed and accuracy, is critical in the construction industry, and in the past, color printing & scanning could not meet this demand.

Therefore Universal Reprographics Incorporated is now offering improved printing solutions with the KIP C7800, a color and black & white high production print system, which is a comprehensive solution for all types of wide format printing tasks that require the high levels of quality and exceptional speed performance.

The KIP C7800 allows Universal Reprographics, Inc. to save their customers significant time and money making ultra high quality wide format printing more cost effective and printing faster than ever before. This machine has mass appeal to the A/E/C (Architectural/Engineering and Construction) Markets as well as other companies in the Business Technical industry, and anyone with a need for, display graphics, business graphics or point of purchase signage.

Manufacturers, industrial design firms, engineering contractors, builders, architects and government agencies all rely on technical drawings to successfully communicate business messages, and the KIP C7800 is ideal for their printing needs.

Not simply limited to black and white lines on paper, these CAD/BIM documents encompass the full spectrum of color 3D renderings, graphical inlays, exploded view schematics, technical diagrams, manufacturing plans, architectural renderings and geographical maps.

Color enables the presentation of 3D-data in a two dimensional printout to highlight a critical area or to indicate a change, and color-coding is commonly used in diagrams, red line mark-ups and maps.

The KIP C7800s powerful color printing and imaging solution designed for CAD, GIS, and other documents in addition to requirements for durable, fade-resistant full color designs, illustrations, schematics, business graphics or posters. Other advantages of the system include its production of lightfast, fully waterproof, UV-proof prints which do not fade or exhibit color deterioration from exposure to light making for excellent outdoor displays. KIP C7800 output can be left in humid, wet and harsh environments with no negative impact on image longevity.

Since the KIP C7800s dry toner technology does not require any drying time, prints can be laminated, mounted, rolled and folded with no time wasted on image curing or drying.

This new machine will make printing large format color much more affordable for our customers, and we can now produce thousands of square feet of large format color per hour, said Madeline Wilson, Sales & Marketing Manager at Universal Reprographics, Inc. “Point of Purchase/Point of Sale (POP/POS) displays, posters and signs and in store merchandising are utilized by virtually every retailer. These time sensitive Display graphics that used to take days to complete can be done in minutes.”

Color increases attention to any documents but in construction it can mean reducing mistakes as well as saving time in construction. In Europe construction documents are done in color but its been very slow and expensive in the United States and therefore most prints are done in black & white. Color can interpret BIM renderings; 3D modeling in color has much more information than black & white, it can show clash detection or high resolution photo realistic visualizations. Its like looking at a newspaper picture of an ice cream cone, it looks a lot better in color but this isnt just about esthetics. Color drawings represent meaningful information that can save on construction costs.

Design-build and Integrated Project Delivery advantages can be represented in color, from concept visualization to construction saving time and money in the long run.

Clients are very happy with the quick turn around and affordable rates, said Chris Dalton, Production Manager, at Universal Reprographics, Inc. Last minute rush jobs can be completed in minutes, and that valuable timing can be the difference between making or missing a bid.

Fast inexpensive large format color printing is available immediately at http://www.reprographics.com.

Founded in 1959, Universal Reprographics, Inc. is an independent woman-owned reprographics company in Los Angeles. The company offers a wide range of digital printing and scanning products and services designed to provide fast turnaround to the A/E/C (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) industry as well as the business community.

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