Key to success is to ask what kind of art on canvas you want, how they complement the interior design that already exists, and how to display the


The best knife in the house.


There are several key aspects to consider when choosing a canvas of art;



The size and shape

Style and theme



Choice of art painted to match your home.


When choosing a piece of fabric to match the current color of your room, choose one or two of the most scandalous, the predominant color in your room and look for art that has color in it. Unable to find the colors to suit here. Only one or two colors to send a message that the painting belongs to this neighborhood. Psychology of color.


The colors are strong enough. Psychologists believe that can affect our mood and our thinking about spending time in a particular room. When choosing the fabric to think about what mood or feeling you want the art of creating …


Brown and brown tones (beige, coffee, coconut, etc), neutral, warm and welcoming. Brown instill peace, comfort, peace and harmony.

Ideal for any room in the house of all, but it is better to add a relaxing atmosphere to the living room and bedroom mood.


Red sexy, elegant and modern. It is a symbol of passion, activity and emotion, which meets the eye and stimulate the mind. The best way to brighten a dull, drab room, woke far room and kitchen, and quicken the pulse in the room …


Young orange, bright, fun and festive. Bold, warm and energetic uplifting, inspiring and promoting social welfare activities. The best way to illuminate the kitchen, hallways and children’s room or add a factor in the living room or dining room.


Bright yellow, clean, warm and friendly. Increase energy, promote the happiness and spark creativity. Well to add light and strength for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as being a good color on canvas dared to raise boring room with little light humor.


Green soothe, entertain and natural. Refreshed and rejuvenated and instill the idea of ​​strength, health, sanitation and health. Good for space to relax in – such as bathrooms and conservatories.


Calm blue, clean, soft and fresh. The world’s favorite color is the sky and water. To calm the mind, refreshing and creating a sense of peace and quiet mood. Both in each room to promote relaxation and peace.


Violet and purple to show the grandeur, glamor and glitz. Modern, rich and generous that stimulate creativity, and offers luxury and comfort. Far rich purple and daydreaming, while violet light is feminine and elegant. The color quality for the modern bedroom, living room or setting.


Pink is a feminine, romantic and luxurious. This explains the mood and encourages compassion. Add a sense of peace and quiet in the room. Both the room.


Pure white and beige, elegant and goes with everything. That amplifies the effects of other colors and radiates peace, purity and clarity. A good choice for any room.


The black is elegant, powerful and elegant. The final color indefinitely, neutral, which means strength, power and value of character. A classic choice of colors for the modern rider, living room and dining room.


Setting the atmosphere of another color. After the application of color and style in certain environments ….


Grayscale and sepia looks good pictures, black and white of old. It is used in modern art and photography to eliminate the effects of color, allowing the fabric in the center of attention problems. Well bring the exciting work of art.


A good conversation started in the kitchen and dining room.


Art, color, features bold, modern and bright. Rainbow colors can add a sense of fun, humor and courage of a room.


It is hard to miss, bright colors and artistic both a topic of conversation. It also shows a degree of confidence in the nature of your buyer …


The size and shape


The second thing to consider is the color, size and shape. They are wrong and even a canvas that fit perfectly with the decor and style of your room may seem out of place.


Getting the right size


Canvas art should look at the proportion of space occupied by the walls that surround and furniture. If it is too large, they are overwhelmed if too small, then left.


This is a good idea to bring your art on every corner, or in a narrow wall. Try to always leave at least 20 to 30 cm (8 “12”) of space around the fabric and the surrounding walls and ceiling. Canvas is usually looking for the best when set in the middle (horizontal) wall with a vertical height of the center of the canvas. If a large canvas, it is often not possible to have a center at eye level, but still be able to measure the height of both for maximum effect.


A large canvas can look great on a sofa or fireplace. Looks great on a small canvas, small bedroom kitchen bathroom and hallways.


Matching small fabric also looks good to stick together in groups 2, 3 or 4.

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