Most of the people love traditional paintings or art work and wish to treasure all those forms of art. However, it was very tough for the people in the past because these paintings were out of the reach of common man because of their premium price. However with the technology advancement it has made quite easy to afford these paintings at a lower price. AGiclee canvas printis such a technique which recreates the work of world famous artists in print form for the ordinary people. It has originated about twenty-thirty decades ago but printing of photos and art on the canvas has gained significance just few years ago.


Everyone is fan of Giclee printstoday. From usual artists to digital artists all are opting for this form of art. In today’s era it has become quite simple to find classic Giclee prints. The digital artists also can easily create canvas prints. The painters, artists and digital artists all have started using modern and advanced technologies of printing which are also easy to access. The best thing about Giclee canvas prints is that it can print a masterpiece or any famous art on canvas. Many people like to decorate walls of their living room with masterpieces. However, they do not want to choose the paper prints because what they feel is it would give a fake look.


Classic Giclee prints are the answers. They provide both classic and stunning look like an original art. They would surely let anybody think that there has been spent high amount for this.

One will also enjoy many compliments. This art form allows the individuals to get print of their favorite artists and even of their painting or creation. It is true that these prints defeat other arts in terms of durability and longevity. Its major benefit is the accuracy of the picture. In the traditional printing method the procedure followed was much lengthy than Giclee’s. The steps involved were-


Large format photographic film
Actual size film for reproduction
Press plates
Final print


However modern technology has made the process concise and superior. The steps are as follows-


Large format scan camera
Final print


It is clearly visible that there is much improvement in the process. These prints on paper leave a wonderful satin-finish while those on canvas feel like original and most beautiful art work. There are many advantages of these print forms especially for photographers and artists. They love the use of Giclee canvas and ink that makes the print more appealing. Due to its non-fading nature it is gaining popularity with time. Thus the quality does not get deteriorated and remain as fresh one. Moreover, it is coated to protect it from harmful UV rays. At last but not the least the main advantage of this technique is the flexibility in the printing. There are many applications and tools which can be selected. Moreover one can find online vendors for the customized print. They also require much care and precautions to take. Follow the instructions given by the artist strictly. It will help to retain the texture and color of the picture.

Classic Giclee print is a technology which is used from the past to modify the dimensions of any picture, artwork or image which leads to improved quality and color. The durability of these prints makes it much better than traditional printouts.

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