QuickMat Digital Mats


Wild Willie Dean by Sandy Mullen Klein

When it comes to matting your artwork, you have several choices. You can have mats cut to go around your art. Hand cut mats can be relatively inexpensive to top of the line mats that will sometimes cost more than the print. You can also have mats printed with your original art. We now offer a “QuickMats” service to our product line. “QuickMats” is a custom digital mat print printed directly on the same paper stock as your image.  When framed it is difficult to tell the digital mats are not real hand cut mats. The benefits to you, as one of my clients, include perfect mat matching color to the colors in your image. You will also be able to match the mat to the colors you have in your room where your artwork will hang. The image and mat can be custom sized to standard frame sizes, making your cost lower than what you would pay at a custom frame shop. We can offer you over 400 combinations of mat textures and colors. You can choose single, double, multiple, various sizes, your possibilities are unlimited. The next time you place an order ask for a “QuickMats” to be added to your image.

“Now this way too cool. No longer do I need to purchase expensive mats for my artwork.” – Sandy Mullen Klein

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