Publishing Your Artwork

If you are new to publishing your artwork, the digital printing process is going to be different. I want you, the artist, to know up front what is possible and what is not. No one likes surprises when it comes to art reproductions. You want to be assured that the reproduction you get is “as good” or “better than” the original you provided.

As good or better than does not mean the same as the original.

I use some of the most advanced printing and calibration equipment for publishing your artwork. Being that it is electronic equipment, it is not going to see the colors of your original the same way your eyes see them.

Three colors that give all printmakers the most amount of trouble are blue, gray, and green. Blue wants to shift to purple, gray shifts to green, and green shifts to olive brown.

These colors have to be hand adjusted without changing the other colors in the image. All this adjustment requires the equipment be properly calibrated and the inks and paper are balanced and profiled.

This requires not only the latest technology, but also a master printmaker who know how to get everything that is possible out of the equipment.

Most of the time I can meet your expectations without any trouble, but sometimes I can’t. That is why I want to have an up-front conversation before any work begins. Without it we will both be disappointed.

As an artist selling your work to the general public you also want to be assured that your art will be around for generations to come. In my studio I use a twelve color archival pigmented ink printer, and all the papers are American made 100% cotton papers. Testing has shown that this combination will give you prints that will not fade for over 100 years.

There are several ways I can help you reproduce and sell your art:

Before we get started let me ask you a few questions.

– Are your originals currently selling well?
– Do you currently offer other forms of art products, and are they selling well and at profitable prices?
– Have you been told that a potential customer really likes your work but cannot afford the prices you are charging for your original art?
– Do you currently show you work in galleries, shows, and community displays?
– Has your income from art increased steadily over the past few years?

If you can answer yes to the above questions then you ready to venture into the print business, both paper and canvas. If not you may want to reconsider the print business until you can build up a following.

According to Art Magazine an average artist creates 24 new pieces of art per year, and of all the artists only 45% of those are selling any of their art. My purpose is to help you sell more of your art. That means helping you market your art, and helping you reproduce your art so you have something to sell.

The technical part of the process starts when you deliver a reproduction grade transparency, a high resolution digital file, or the original artwork. From this point I will photograph your artwork or work with you digital file.
Next the file is color corrected and cleaned of any imperfections that show up on the screen. Once this work is completed, a “ring-around ” proof is printed, on the material you have chosen.

You will have the opportunity to look at the proof and if changes are necessary, I will make those changes and produce a second proof for your approval. You will again have a chance to make changes. When this process has been completed, a third proof is printed for your approval. This process continues until we are both satisfied with the results. Many times we hit it on the first try, but as long as we are making progress toward an acceptable product I’ll provide you with as many proofs as needed. The final proof becomes the BAT (bon a tirer). I will print two of these prints. One is given to the artist as their first artist proof and the other proof must be signed by the artist and returned to the studio. I will not produce final prints without physical possession of a signed and dated BAT.

When the BAT is approved and signed, it will be used as a color standard for all other prints in this edition. The proofs and final prints are printed on our 12 color printers using archival pigmented inks and our fine art papers or canvas. Samples of our papers are available upon request.

The majority of our watercolor prints are printed on Hawk Mountain 100% cotton rag paper. This is an American made paper that comes in variable widths and weights. We also print on other papers at the artist’s request. Some art reproduces better on a hard surface paper, others reproduce better on the velvet. We also use 17-mil Artist Canvas for our canvas reproductions.

Your files are now ready to begin the reproduction process. I highly recommend that you only print what you believe you will sell within three to six months. You can always have more images printed and they will match the originals.

The turn around time is one week for your first proof and one week for the final print (from time of receipt of signed BAT).

The Bottom Line…
Giclee printing is the fastest and most cost effective printing method available to the artist today. Prints are produced in quantities the artist needs, not quantities the printer thinks the artist needs. You also have the ability to select the sizes you want your prints to be reproduced in and pay only for the actual printed size.

So with multiple sizes, small quantities, no inventory to carry, and files stored digitally – what could be easier? Call us now (717-576-8884) and we will show you how to turn your hobby into a well paying business.

My Guarantee…
If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, return your work. I would appreciate the opportunity to correct any problems. Or, if I cannot satisfy you, a prompt refund is offered. The choice is yours.

I offer several different programs that will help you accomplish the above two items.

Contact me today to get started. (717-576-8884)

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