When you have a lot of money tied up in fine art photographs, it makes sense to take every precaution available to preserve and protect those photos. If you have irreplaceable photos, such as those from major family events such as weddings and graduations, you will also be concerned with conserving them in optimal condition for years to come. For this purpose, photo storage are available. Acid free, archival photo storage offer your fine artwork the protection it needs for times when the artwork is not being displayed.

What should I look for in a high-quality photograph box?

• Made of acid-free materials

Acid free photo storage boxes are preferred for fine art storage. Airborne pollutants can damage the surface of the artwork, and thus acid free photo storage boxes can be used to neutralize those pollutants.

• Constructed from archival quality products

Paper products are naturally acidic, and as boxes are typically made out of some type of paper, often they are not the best choice for long-term storage of artwork. Archival storages boxes, however, have been made from conservation-quality materials that will help to preserve the surface of your fine artwork that is stored within them.

• Ample size

You are also going to want to be on the lookout for boxes that are sized appropriately for your artwork. Large photo storage boxes make a smart choice so that the edges of your fine art prints do not become damaged from rubbing against the sides of the photograph storage box, or be forced to roll up if crammed into too small a box. You want your artwork to lie flat in the box, and large photo storage boxes can more easily accommodate various sizes of photos and other art.

Quality photo boxes come in a depth of three inches, allowing room for the storage of many photos, which can be separated with acid-free tissue.

• Reinforced corners

If you have many photographs to store, you might decide to sort them into several storage boxes for better organization. They will take up much less room if they are stacked, but if they are weighted down the corners of flimsy paper boxes will likely collapse, damaging the artwork inside. Instead, choose photo storage boxes with reinforced corners. Metal corners on the outer surface of the box will help it to retain its original shape even when stacked.

You can use an individual photograph storage box for organizing each type of photograph collection you have. In addition, large photo storage boxes also make an excellent space to carefully store comic books, magazines and scrapbook pages.

You can find quality photo box at better online fine art photography framing suppliers.

Susan Slobac is an avid photographer.Susan believes a picture frame is more than just fashion; it’s a safeguard for something you love. In this article Susan talks about
photo storage boxes and acid free photo storage boxes.

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