Printing is an Art form, offset printing being one of them,the history of offset press goes back 70’s a version was created in the United Kingdom and later in USA in the early 1900s.

Print Media Academy is slowly gathering momentum in the case of becoming a store house of knowledge for the printing industry and the offset printing establishments. It’s a platform where few of the best brains from the printing industry and other related industries share their inputs and experiences. The academy organizes various workshops and seminars across India for the people involved in the printing, prepress and postures services and also offers various courses on in Print. With the growth in Indian Economy, a positive impact can be observed on the printing and packaging industry as it is slowly turning from a skill-based industry to a knowledge-driven industry. The basic aim of the Media Academy is to administer the working of the Indian printers, meet their challenges and demands and to introduce training courses that help them master their problems and thus bring in profits.

Offset Printing in India

Offset Printing in India has still not lost its relevance, its emergence traces back to centuries and since then it has been considered to be the best and the most cost efficient technique of printing. Inspite of the technological advancement and introduction of various modern techniques of printing, offset printing is still considered to be the most economical technique used to get superior quality prints of large, voluminous material that has to be printed. Newspapers,magazines,books,pamphlets,brouchers etc. are all products of offset printing. Offset printing provides constant high quality images and involves low costs of printing.

Prepress Services

Printing process involves two main categories namely prepress and post press .Both prepress and post press have their own intricate relevance when it comes to the process involved in printing. Prepress Services is a set of activities that involve retouching, scanning, leaf assembly etc. It’s the initial stage of printing in which the in hand material that has to be printed is prepared for printing before it goes further in the printing stage. All kinds of corrections are made to the rough sample and once corrected turns into printable material that is further sent for printing. The Prepress stage makes the copy of material worth printing.

Post press Services

Lamination,Bursting,De-collecting,Binding and Shrink wrapping are few of the tasks that are involved in the post press stage. Post press Services basically involve all the tasks that work to enhance the value of the printed material. It garnishes the printed product i.e. provides a finishing touch to the print.


Yamini Sharma is a professional writer of travel and tourism having five year experience of travel industry and presently writing for Print Media Academy and offset printing in india.

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