What is a photo canvas print? Ok so you have heard of the new craze that everyone is getting a canvas photo print from the photos and you just don’t know what is actually is. So I’m going to tell you what a canvas print is and were canvas printing is done and what you can do with it.

 Firstly a canvas print is inkjet canvas which is basically printable canvas that allows a print head to spray ink from a large format printer that has had digital software like coral or Photoshop to send the photo from. Photoshop tends to be the better option when printing photos on canvas, so the company that is printing your photo to canvas will basically take your photo then manipulate it to the size of canvas you want to have then will print onto canvas ready for framing on stretcher bars frames. They will also make it a little bit bigger on the print/prints so that it gives you more image to wrap around the frame and most stretcher bar frames tend to be 18mm or 38mm in depth so you would have to take into account the wrap when printing.

So once the canvas printers have printed your pictures on canvas they would then take the canvas sheet and lay it flat down and they would then make up the frame to the size that you have asked for. They would then lay he frame ontop of the canvas prints and then stretch the canvas around the frame wile stapling the canvas to the frame tightly to get a good stretch. Once all the stretching is complete you would then find canvas tape on the back of the staples to hind any mess that may have occurred when stretching the canvas.

Now the canvas prints have been made and all there is left to do is send it off and have it come to your door in the matter of days, it’s a really cool gift idea and i would definitely recommend anyone that is looking to have a canvas print done with an online business, these reason why I think it’s a good idea is because it’s not only an amazing and unique gift to give to someone but it has lots of style and is very elegant to wile it hang on someone’s wall is can  be appreciated due to the hard work that has gone in to it and the effect that it gives of seems to be somewhat of a glow of colour and sharpness resolution to.

It also nice to know how they make it from start to finish so you can understand were the materials came from and if you do have an understanding of a certain thing like a canvas print then you can always give advice and offer anyone else that is looking for the same type of thing to put up on their wall as a photographic style of art.


canvas printing from photos


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