2010 United States Electronic Reader’s sales will be 300 million last year, soaring to 10 million units; and 2010 sales of electronic readers from 80 million units in 2009, soared to 300 million units, up 20% of the global market.

2010 U.S. sales of electronic reading devices will be 300 million last year, soaring to 10 million units; and 2010 sales of electronic readers from 80 million units in 2009, soared to 300 million units, reaching the global market 20%.

However, the foreign e-book market has not been popular in the domestic market and the reason one hand is the e-book market, prices generally higher, also belong to the high-income groups of basic electronic toy or Gift . On the other hand, the upstream screen supply, downstream chip innovations are affecting the rapid development of e-books. Whole, low-cost multimedia chips will be the next PCB manufacturers the most attention.

Electronic readers from birth until the present, hardware still maintained by the smallest system, display control, Power supply , Storage, Communicate Combination of discrete modules such as the state. The ASIC scheme, design ideas are basically the same, that is, MCU + PMU (power management unit micro-controller +) combination.

MCU most used ARMCortexA8 single core architecture, clocked at 800MHz or more, in addition to the general features of traditional MCU also integrates a graphics accelerator, format resolution accelerator, while the most critical is the integration of electronic paper display controller; PMU integration very high degree, in addition to DC-DC (direct current transform), LDO (linear regulator) but also including audio module, AD converter module, the temperature acquisition module, and the keyboard scan module. These special chips launched, will simplify the hardware implementation of e-reader program, and significantly improve overall system performance.

In addition, chip frequency increase, the design requirements for the hardware system will increase. For example, in PCB (printed circuit board) design, either the number of layers increases; second, requires a blind buried via technology; third is required for high-frequency signal used PCB substrate.

The long run, given the lower prices, and feature-rich products such as the trend of the future competitiveness of the best combinations will be Android + SoC with single-chip integrated system.

So-called single-chip SoC integration system, is the e-reader chip, the latest technology, is to have all the features into a single chip processors, aimed at reducing the cost of electronic reader terminals to provide low-cost integration program. Now includes Samsung, Freescale, TI, Marvell, MTK, Jun and other companies are developing SoC chip in.

Despite the current market for e-reader chip smaller, but the future is bound to usher in rapid growth. And 2009 e-reader chip, 92 million U.S. dollars in Sell Amount compared to the 2010 e-reader chip sales will triple to reach 279.3 million U.S. dollars, and further growth in 2013 to 11.1 million. PCB industry discovered how to adapt to market demand, timely and rapid introduction of better quality products will be key to victory.

“Zhen Xing Cup” 2009 China Top Ten selection screen printing special awards ceremony

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