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In the first half of 700, during the prefectures of Peter and Pretis Donnino De Filippo Ronconi, the papers kept in the Archives received an initial order that will remain valid for many funds to date. From 1751 to 1772 the history of the Archive is dominated by the figure of Joseph Garampi, principal author, among other things, the famous Cabinet, which takes its name. Many purchases, deposits, deposits of archival material were made by him (funds Albani, Carpegna, Pio, 1300 books and Chambers) or stressed.In 1783 he was transported to the Vatican was still remained in Avignon, including the series of registers of those bubbles Avenionensia Record, in 1798 it was transferred to the Archives of Castel Sant’Angelo (Garampi had already joined the two charges as an archive of ‘Secret Archives of the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo), containing, among other documents provided with seals 81 gold (in gold foil, solid gold, gold and silver caskets) among which stands out for its precious antiquities a diploma of Frederick Barbarossa of the year 1164.The archives of the Holy See in 1810, by order of Napoleon, were transferred to Paris, from where they returned with many losses in the years 1815-1817.

After the capture of Rome by Italian troops in 1870, the documentary collections housed in buildings outside the Vatican walls were confiscated by the newborn Italian State, thus constituting the core of the nascent State Archive of Rome.In 1881, for munificent initiative of Leo XIII, the Vatican Secret Archives were opened to be freely consulted by scholars, thus becoming a center for historical research among the largest in the world.In 1892 he was transferred from the Lateran Palace to the Vatican Apostolic Dataria most of the archive, with the records of the Chancery of the bubbles from 1389 (Record Lateran, the ancient Archivum Bullarum) and the Registers of Supplications from 1417 (which were added to existing ones in Secret Archives).

In the twentieth century, in addition to the modern part of the archives of the Secretariat of State, received the archives of the Secretariat of Briefs, the Roman Rota, a number of congregations (Consistorial, of Bishops and Regulars, of the Sacraments, Rites, of the Council , etc..) of the Apostolic Palace, Vatican Council, several Nunciatures (especially after 1971) and some Roman noble families linked to the history of the Holy See (Borghese, Boncompagni, Rospigliosi, Ruspoli, Marescotti, Montoro, etc. ..). In 2000 he was paid the full archive of Vatican II, Paul VI’s will open to scholars notwithstanding the limit established for access to documents of the archives of the Holy See (February 1939 death of Pius XI).

Book our Rome apartments , and You’ll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city



Daniele Davide, manager of Tredy Sas.

When You book an apartment in Rome Apartment in Rome , with us You’ll realize how beautiful and magic this city is.

Book   Rome apartments , and You’ll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city


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