People still look to the masters when it comes to artwork. It’s quite often that someone wants one of their favorite pieces to hang in their home but can’t afford the expense of the original. So it is that they turn to oil painting reproductions as a way of bringing tastefulness into the home. There are things to consider however when it comes to choosing a piece of art.

Oil painting is recorded from as old as the fifth and ninth centuries. A treatise written in 1125 gives an explanation on how to use oil paints, explaining the process of creating them as well as what sources to use. Fifteenth century painters such as da Vinci and Van Gogh had to make their artwork the hard way, unlike today’s use of water soluble paints and fast drying mediums.

Companies that sell reproductions of famous oil artworks often do not keep stock on hand. This means that the customer can expect a bit of a wait for their artwork before it’s finished. Most companies will want to offer only the highest quality art piece, meaning it is made only on request rather than kept on hand. This makes the piece more personal.

It can be very hard to tell an oil reproduction from an original. This is because the team of professional artists working on a picture will take their time to mimic how it was created by the masters. They usually have experience with the style of the original, having viewed it personally, and will try to mimic even the individual brush strokes if possible.

People of modern times like the idea of having a piece of history in their homes. Before purchasing a hand painted picture, a home owner needs to think about where it will be hung.

It is ideal to have more than one location chosen, to allow for future room decor changes and to keep the artwork from ending up in the attic.

The look of the art piece is also very important. Owners will want it to match their own tastes but it’s also important to think about whether or not it will be framed or what the original artist intended the picture for. Monet and others never meant to see their works framed at all. It’s also critical that the choice of original speak to the owner of the home, and not just be a meaningless collector’s item. Reproductions can be expensive and should speak to the person buying them.

There is some education around oil paintings to help the right choice be made. Expensive paintings require enough care to ensure they will last a lifetime or longer. The Mona Lisa, for example, is said to originally have had eyebrows and eyelashes that were washed away from over cleaning. An oil reproduction should be taken care of properly to prevent such mistakes from happening.

Adding oil painting reproductions to one’s collection of artwork is an important decision. Properly reproduced paintings will mimic the original in almost every way, and thus should be treated as well as the real thing. Choose a painting only when it is meant to last through several generations, just like the historic originals do.

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