Mounted Canvas Prints

Mounted Canvas Prints on Gator Board

The traditional method of displaying canvas prints is to wrap the edges of the canvas around a set of wooden bars and staple the canvas to the bars. This allows you to display the canvas print without a frame, or you can also frame the canvas. One of the problems with stretcher bars is that it adds a considerable amount to the overall cost of the print. The other problem we run into is as the humidity changes the tautness of the canvas changes. The dryer the weather the more loose the canvas becomes. We now offer to mount your canvas on a 3/16 inch Gator board backer.  This gives you a rigid print that will not sag. The only issue you run into now is that the print does need to be framed, but you still get that canvas look and feel to your final print.

Canvas Print Mounted on 3/16 Gator Board  .12 / sq. inch

To figure your cost: length of print x width of print x .12 = cost

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