Fine art photography is a genre that aims to express purely creative images of the photographer. Subjects of this field are limited only by the photographer’s imagination and can range from real to imaginary images. Cameras used by fine art photographers are also limitless and usually depend on the photographer’s preference and subjects taken. As some fine art subjects are of nature, architecture, still-life, or people, photographers may need to make use of appropriate and specific types of telephoto or wide-angle lenses. One prime example of fine art photography with nature as its subject is the work of Ansel Adams. Adams’ work, particularly of Yosemite and Yellowstone has made him one of the most widely recognized fine art photographers of the 20th century.

Today, marketing the work of freelance photographers, with the exception of Ansel Adams, can prove to be challenging as they are not mass-market subjects. Unlike commercial photography or photojournalism, fine art photography is relative to the viewer. Apart from this, a freelance photographer may have limited funding at the beginning of his career. One affordable but very effective approach to photography can be to use and distribute printed marketing materials. The following are examples of materials that can be used to market photography.

Postcards – Postcards are an appropriate medium for promoting fine art photography. Photographers can print postcards of a particular collection or an entire series of works. Postcards can also feature essential information about the photographer at the back of each postcard including his or her name, contact information, and links to other promotional materials such as websites and blogs.

Postcards can also be framed and used in exhibit promotion. Bulk or small quantity orders of postcards can easily be printed using convenient online printing services.

Catalogs – Catalogs can serve as professional and complete marketing materials for freelance photography. Not only can catalogs feature a wider collection of photo images, they can also feature various types of information about the photographer. Catalogs can feature a photographer’s profile preceding the actual photos. Each photo can be accompanied by descriptive text of its name, context, camera settings, type of lens used, and date taken. Each collection can also be preceded by a general description page. Catalogs can be used to accompany gallery exhibits and presentation to potential dealers and buyers. Online printers offer customized catalog printing complete with Wire-o binding services.

Posters – Posters are eye-catching, graphic marketing materials for photography. Photographers or promoters can print poster campaigns for galleries, schools, offices, schools, and even commercial areas. As with paintings, photography poster prints can be sold in museums, schools, and art gallery exhibits. They can also be given as free gifts to loyal patrons and sponsors. Commercial online printers offer reliable poster printing services using digital and offset printers at reasonable or even discounted prices.

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