Lifestyle can be perceived by others in a variety of ways. For example, when meeting with clients in an office setting, they will gather much information from the decor of your office. This can be a problem is there is none of your style and personality in what is on your walls. This can even be a deal breaker in some situations. No one wants to work with someone who spends their life inside the box. Thinking outside the box leads to the ability to get any job done effectively and efficiently, and the ability to think outside the box can be reflected in decor. The best, most subtle way to let those who need to know in on the fact that you are someone who knows how to get the job done without always following the leader is to incorporate limited edition prints into your surroundings.

The reason limited edition prints are needed to do this is that they are not available to everyone. Well, they are, but only for a limited time, meaning that not every Tom, Dick, and Harry is going to have the same thing hanging in their office. They are guaranteed to be unique because they will no longer be available after a certain time. Those trying to decide whether or not to cut a deal will realize that this reflects your ability to recognize a treasure when you see it and snatch it up before it is gone.

Think about it. If someone is shopping around for anything, a product or service, anything at all, the one they choose is going to be the one that stands out. In your profession, you have to sell yourself, and the way your office looks in one way you do this. Not to say that office decor is all that matters, but it can definitely make the difference in whether or not you are remembered amongst numerous possibilities. Limited edition prints on the wall will make a much stronger impression that the same standard prints they have seen in every other office they have been in.

This can truly give a new career a jump start, keep a thriving career going, and add new fuel to a floundering career. Just as the clothes reflect the man, so does the office. Be sure to choose prints that will get noticed. Limited edition prints that blend in will defeat the purpose. The whole point is to use unique prints that are not going to be seen in every other office.

Ian Homewood is an expert in the supply of Limited Edition Prints. For more information and a vast choice visit Limited edition prints by John Brennan. Small prints are framed €45. Email or telephone 00353 27703…
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