Kimonos were the uniform of people who kept themselves engaged in the practice of martial arts. Martial arts have grown several times in their popularity. Likewise, kimonos have rapidly grown in their popularity. The dress projects the attitude and the spirit of the fighter.

Martial arts is a technique of fighting and of self defense which originated in Japan. Martial arts help in developing the concentration power of someone who practices it sincerely. This art have a lot of benefits. The countries of the world, after coming to learn about the advantages, adopted this form of art and started practicing it intensively. In order to gain precision, Japanese teachers were invited to teach students of foreign countries. This is how; the uniform of martial arts, the kimonos also gained popularity.

Kimonos have a very high demand in the market. In order to cater to this demand many new brands have started manufacturing kimonos. They are a unique blend of traditional look and modern designs. Before they actually arrive, the brands start advertising them so that people can book them in advance. They are such high demand products that they are consumed as soon as they are launched in the markets.


Quano makes very high quality kimonos. Not only kimonos, accessories of martial arts are also manufactured by this brand. Some of them are the gloves, which a fighter wears on the hands while fighting. Rash guards are also vital while someone is practicing martial arts. Likewise there are other items which are manufactured by this brand. The limited edition kimonos are released by this brand at intervals. This year, in December these limited edition kimonos are getting released. Book one now if you want you want it!


The kimonos that are due in December weigh superlight. These extend up to the knees. The embroidery fills up the shoulder region. A white belt surrounds the waist line.


All the sizes are printed on the chart. The chart that comes before the release contains all the details. You can select one which you think will fit you the best.


The price is near about $ 160. The price includes the cost of making them and also includes the costs involved in shipping. That explains for the high prices.

The jiu jitsu limited edition kimonos are of very high quality.


Mainly these are available in either white or in black. However, sometimes you will come across other colors too. During other times, the embroidery on the kimonos is done with multicolored threads.

Limited edition kimonos are manufactured by many other brands, apart from Quano. They include hoyoroll, Gameness, Atama, Vulkan, and Keiko Raca. Check on the websites when are they getting released and book one immediately. The companies release them at intervals. If you are late, you might miss out this time. Or else the prices might go up when there are only a few pieces left.

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