The fixing and adding of the album art to the iTunes involves different aspects. You need to follow some crucial things to perform this task with a lot of ease. Getting iTunes to cover the art missing in your music library is significant.

You can scan or download the album cover artwork through CDs which you rip to iTunes in the graphics format understood by iTunes and link these graphics to songs as well as albums that you play on the iTunes.

The songs you purchase from iTunes Music Store generally include the image in regard to album cover art or you would find the artist photo here. You can observe the artwork in lower-left corner present on iTunes window through clicking the button of Show or Hide Artwork. The iTunes artwork varies for every song or album selected by you. This has to be understood carefully to analyze the way for it.

You would not be able to find free artwork as you rip the audio CD. You should note that the discs do not get manufactured using the digital cover art stashed on the empty track. The scanner helps you to scan cover art as well as save it to graphics format which iTunes (and the underlying graphics technology called QuickTime) comprehends – JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and Photoshop.

You can use the web browser to visit the web pages for scouting to the suitable art. Simply follow Ctrl-click (Mac) or the right-click on the image (PC) for downloading and saving the image to your hard drive. The most of the graphics found on Web follow the GIF or JPEG format. As a result, there is no need of converting anything.

You should explore your choices fully before proceeding ahead. For adding the artwork to the song, you should select that song within your iTunes library. After that you should drag the image file of artwork from the folder to artwork viewing area at bottom-left corner involving iTunes window.

For adding the same image in the form of artwork for the complete album of songs (instead of only individual songs), you should choose the album first within the Browse view (or select all songs within the album in the song list view), and after that drag image file to the viewing area of artwork.

For adding the artwork to more than 1 item, you should select them in the iTunes library. Adding the artwork for the multiple items within Multiple Item Information dialog box involves some considerations. You should choose File and Get Info following the selection of items and then enable Artwork field (with selecting its check box). Then you should drag the graphics file for cover art from the Desktop folder towards the Artwork well. Then Click Yes for the warning message and this would vary the artwork.

The artwork for iTunes has a lot of significance. The iTunes displays cover art for the purpose of your videos, movies, albums, podcasts, TV shows and audio books in Cover Flow browser. The color-display iPods, Apple TV, iPod touch, and iPhone are also known to display cover art.

The article focuses on the way to achieve the iTunes artwork. The different aspects such as graphic formats, iTunes library, dialog box etc. are covered in detail.

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