Hi there you art lovers, now most people have good taste these days so it’s hard to get this wrong, especially if the art you choose fits in well with your home, i.e. the colours and the size of the canvas artwork you choose as you need to make sure that the piece you buy fits well on the wall and isn’t too big or too small.

Now if it’s masterpieces your showing off you need to make sure that the area you put it in have allot of standing space so the views and stand back to see the whole picture, this would be a strong point to remember, if it’s just a wonder canvas print of some art you bought for your home then of course, you could show this off in the same manor but there’s no need to stress about the standing back point as  if you have it hanging in your living room then most people could see it when they have a seat or enter the room for example.

Whilst still on the subject of standing back it’s also good to take into account how far you need to stand back, it’s basically the length of the canvas you have to the distance from the wall you need to keep.

Another good tip would be to have the correct lighting, this is key to whether your canvas print or artwork is of any good in the area that it’s in, don’t leave it in daylight as it will show a reflection and the shine will basically be a white sheet of light which is of putting and the view could stray away very fast.

You could also have split canvas prints if you really wanted to show of the true picture or artwork, by doing this you show creativity and perspective, in this you can benefit for taking up more wall space to if you’re struggling to fit a wall. You also have to remember with a split canvas picture if its artwork that is an abstract piece then this can help with chopping and changing the picture around, it’s probably the safest way when choosing some artwork for your home because if you liked it one day and didn’t like it by the end of the week then just change and it’s also entertaining for your guests as they will most probably notice to.

The main key is to have the artwork the right size for the wall you’re going to be placing it on, not too big or not to small as it can look very out of place, it might be best to measure the space before you buy to be sure that way you can have the confidence that you artwork will be the correct size, it might be best to also have a colour scheme in mind, these are the two main points I would suggest for you.

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