Picture perfect’ defines everything from the beauty of a flower arrangement, interior decoration, designer clothes or even scenery. What do we need to make any text in print, online or power point presentation attractive? Pictures indeed.

Website designers, art directors and the print media rely on pictures to enhance their business. Pictures add value and makes people take notice of a small article or a huge billboard.

With advancement in technology the art of taking pictures in a camera has become sophisticated. No longer does a photographer put his head inside a black cloth and bursts a bulb nor does he simply point and shoot. The range in cameras available now lets one bring pictures to life, indulge in a hobby and in the process make money.

Online stock photography is a cost effective way of laying hands on high resolution photos which are royalty free and better than hiring professional photographers. But users do not get exclusive rights to the photos. Stock photography allows the purchase of only the required photos which can be paid for, downloaded and used straight away.

If interested in selling high resolution stock photos, a good online photography site is a must. They have licensing clauses and prevent re-selling or distribution of pictures and using them on packaging. They serve as a bridge between photographers and buyers who require good pictures for websites, print publications etc. The site does the sales, promotion and transaction and shares profits. A win-win solution for avid photographers and the business.

Stock photos need to be submitted in TIFF or JPEG format and they have to be of optimum quality. JPEG file format results in some loss of image quality, hence professional photographers use the RAW format. TIFF files are similar to JPEG but have larger file sizes, eliminate loss of image quality and hence preferred.

To avoid spots on photos due to dust in the camera sensor, image editing programs like Photoshop are used which make the picture, blemish free. Careful editing can remove nature’s faults also.

High resolution stock photography is achieved using a camera with at least six megapixel resolution. Otherwise a blow-up will expose undesirable qualities or digital noise. Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR cameras allow shooting in RAW format and allows easy control of camera functions like shutter speed, lens aperture, lens change etc. which enable even amateurs to deliver professional quality photos. 


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