Gloucestershire (PRWEB UK) 20 March 2013

The technology of dental crowns and implants has revolutionised the options for those with missing or damaged teeth. However, a Gloucestershire company is advising patients to choose carefully, as price is not the only factor.

Crowns and implants can seem an expensive investment. Going privately patients can be tempted to shop around for the cheapest deal, but it is important to recognise that not all implants and crowns are the same.

Gloucestershire-based Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios are warning patients to look carefully at their options. A spokesperson explained:

“Too often, patients are attracted by a cheap price. However, they need to understand exactly what they are purchasing.”

“Is their crown colour-matched? As this can make a huge difference to how it will blend into the mouth among other teeth. What level of attention is given to precisely shaping the new tooth – is digital scanner technology used? Tooth shape is extraordinarily complex and a new tooth needs fine attention to detail in order to fit correctly and perform for everyday behaviour such as chewing or speech. What technology is used for the implant? As this can affect the performance of the crown in terms of durability and how long it will last. Lastly, how many appointments are required for the new installation? The general rule is; the fewer appointments the better as that creates less disturbance in the mouth and enables healing to commence much earlier for a firmer and better result.”

Quality, results and longevity can vary widely. Using the latest technology means that missing or damaged teeth can be replaced with ceramic crowns that could last for life and be indistinguishable from the other teeth, yet poor workmanship and dentistry could give a result which costs more in the long run and causes ongoing problems.

Time is another factor to consider in comparing costs and options. Using traditional methods usually means several appointments in order to complete the dental restoration, as dentists have to send away for the crown to be made and will either use temporary crowns or else leave a gap while the real tooth is being made.

However, ICC Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios have an on-site laboratory, which means that patients can have new teeth on the same day. The assessment and design process is facilitated with state of the art scanning technology, so that the implant is fitted straightaway with a pre-loaded crown. This gives a much faster, less intrusive and better quality result for the patient.

“Crowns and implants should never be seen as a commodity. There are a range of techniques and products available and we encourage patients to understand exactly what they are purchasing and not be tempted to choose on price alone. Using the latest technology means that missing or damaged teeth can be replaced with a ceramic crown that could last for life and be indistinguishable from the other teeth.”

ICC implant & ceramic dental studios are based in the heart of the Cotswolds in rural Gloucestershire.

The 4x award-winning team includes six dental laboratory team members who work closely with the dental surgeons. They offer beautiful bespoke ceramic and porcelain teeth crowns in just one hour and implants in a morning. A free telephone consultation is available for further information.

Call 01285 821220 or email info(at)ceramiccentre(dot)com for an appointment or further information. for further information.

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