Giclee canvas prints are no doubt one of the most impressive, beautiful, and elegant ones. A product of modern imaging and printing technology, a Giclee prints can give work of art or photos into prints which resembles a museum like feel and looks. The final product gives you the look and feel of an oil painting. The quality of this print is such that even a serious fine art collector would appreciate its elegance and exquisiteness. So, how are these prints created? What exactly is the technology used in production of such prints? First a high digital image of the image intended to be created is produced with the help of 12-14 megapixel camera. After the digital image is created, various aspect of the image such as color, shape, size, etc., are edited using appropriate software applications on a computer system. Then when the task of image editing completes, a print is taken on canvas. Giclee can also be produced on fine art paper or even photo papers if you prefer.

If you think that Giclee is created so easily, probably further explanation would help you. It is true that the ink jet process is used to create Giclee canvas prints. However, unlike normal ink jet prints, a Giclee printer uses up to twelve ink cartridges. A minimum of eight cartridges are used in these creating these prints. As such, the reproduction has a high level of preciseness and accuracy for subtle variations in color as well as other finer details. Moreover, the ink used is no normal ink; a special type of ink known as archival ink is used and as such the reproduction can last for a hundred or more years.

This also gives the reproduction a museum quality. You can also treat these prints with fixatives to increase their durability. No wonder, you can find such reproductions in museums these days!

If you also want a Giclee print for decorating for living room, bedroom etc, then there are several service providers who are committed to offer giclee prints at economical rates. You can easily locate and contact them online.

The article is contributed by a professional article writer, having experience working in different industries. For further information on fine art printing services, giclee printing services and giclee prints visit This video explains what are Giclee Art Prints and demonstrates how they are made. It compares a Giclee Art Print to a regula…

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