Giclee is the process by which you can make prints from digital sources using ink-jet printing. Giclee was started in the early 1990s when a digital print based on ink-jet printing could be used to create fine art. Today, Giclee is used to denote prints of such high quality that they could adorn the walls of an art gallery. Giclee printing does not use screens and other mechanical devices. That’s the reason why there is no pattern as you would expect in dot screens. Instead, the print shares the hues and the tones of the subject painting. The printer is not your normal desktop inkjet printer but is of a larger size. The printers also do not use normal printer inks but inks that are light-fast. This gives the prints a very long life. The method of scanning is also different. The drum scanner is generally used for this purpose. Printing can be done on any kind of paper or canvas. Giclee print on canvas is more durable and both the color and texture are closer to the original. The durability withstands rolling without creasing even while mailing.

There are several agencies that will produce a Giclee print on art canvas. The customers could be either commercial clients or artists who are highly successful. The ultimate aim of art canvas printing is to produce the highest standards in fine art. The production agencies for Giclee print on canvas quite often offer their services at reduced rates without sacrificing quality. The services of producing excellent art canvas printing are guaranteed to yield results beyond expectations. Excellent Giclee is produced since both the materials and equipments used are of the highest quality.

The production agencies for art canvas printing have specialized in precision and methodology. Exquisite prints are produced because of the use of the best printers optimized with special inks. The finest spray nozzles are used as well as the best of scanners. More than 80 years of light fastness are claimed in many cases and an option is provided to you for proof approval. You could suggest changes that could be incorporated.

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