Before we start any discussion about Giclee services or printers, it is essential to understand what Giclee printing is. Giclee (pronounced as ‘jhee-clay’) is a type of inkjet printing that is sophisticated and is specially used for high-quality printing. It’s a combination of using professional grade large format printers (also called Giclee printers) with pigment inks, acid-free water color canvas and papers. By utilizing custom profiles, accurate color correction along with superior scanning, the pigment printing is able to achieve subtle gradations and a wide variety of colors that would have been out of range with the usage of other technologies. Thus, there is more than one reason for people to prefer Giclee services. The benefits of high quality printing needn’t be explained and is quite obvious.

Where to hire Giclee services?

While there are many printing services, not all of them offer the superior advantage of Giclee printers. While some of the printing firms may have Giclee printers, they wouldn’t have the required expertise in the field. Thus, it is imperative for you to find out about the quality of the product as well the service given by the firm before hiring their services. Some of the recommended ways to do it is to visit the printing firm in person and check out the entire process, view the samples, talk to random past customers (apart from perusing through the testimonials) and so on. Do ask the past customers about their experience as a whole and not just about the outcome of the product. It is also essential to understand that your needs may vary from that of the past customer and hence, you need to talk about your requirements in detail with the firm and help them gauge the work.

Most of the printing firms have a strong online presence and you can initiate the contact online. You can also ask for a quote for the kind of work required online. You can assess the company by the quality of work, the number and capacity of Giclee printers, presence of skilled manpower, experience and past performance and from the pricing of the job.

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