Printing technology has made tremendous progress in recent years. This is evident in the current availability of a wide range of commercial, large-scale or retail printing services. Of these, among the most popular are what is known as giclee services.

Fine art reproductions on print and giclee printing have really come of age in modern times. Today, you not only can avail of a wide range of services to satisfy all your fine printing requirements, but also get them at a far more reasonable and competitive pricing than ever before.

Giclee printing services are very popular these days. This popularity can be largely attributed to the fact that giclee printing has really come of age today. Thanks to modern printing technology, giclee prints have become better than ever before. If you want the best reproduction of your favorite masterpiece to adorn your living room, giclee services are what you need.

However, it’s not all very easy. As every experienced printer will tell you, giclee printing is no child’s play. There are a lot of things to be taken care of in order to ensure that the final print is as close to the original.

For example, sending a digital file that’s ready to be used for printing can result in a reduction of the overall cost involved. A ready to print digital image can save you the scanning charges. But it may happen that the file may not be suitable for producing an acceptable giclee. Under such circumstances, the printer might get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities of a fresh scanning.

Choosing the best provider of giclee printing services is a major step to ensure that you get the finest quality prints for your money.

Most reputed printers out there use high-quality six to twelve ink printers for large format printing that have been optimized with fine spray nozzles and inks that are specifically intended for fine art printing. Sizes up to 63 inches wide by 59 feet in length are possible.

You should also insist on having stable, archival, pigmented inks used for printing, instead of dye based inks that are often used by less competent printers, for better longevity and bright, vibrant colors that last for up to 80 years.


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