Giclee on canvas in simple words is the method of printing an image onto a canvas. This method has several advantages over the traditional paper photo printing. First of all, the quality of the prints is simply impeccable. Giclee on canvas prints offer exceptionally natural colors and effects, and have significantly longer life than photo prints. This method is ideal for printing photo, recreating artwork, abstract printing, and many more.

Giclee prints are a great gift option for almost every possible occasion. Since the choice of photos and artworks is infinite, you can easily find a suitable photo, image, or artwork for every occasion. These prints serve as great corporate gifts; you can use any image from a landscape to an image of a technological wonder, ancient artworks, computer graphics, the choice is virtually endless.

The canvas used in printing photo is of premium quality and offer great finish. The ink used is fade resistant contributing to a longer life of the print. Canvas is mounted on a wooden frame and is equipped will all necessary fitting and mounting accessories before being shipped. All prints are checked for quality to ensure the job is flawless. If any defects are found in the finished product, it is sent back to the workshop where it is re-made. These are some basic quality standards that most of the reputed Giclee printing service providers adhere to.

These prints offer absolute freedom to artists and photographers as they can save a soft copy of their work and get Giclee prints made as and when required.

This will save artists from re-doing the same artwork again and again. Photographers can select from a wide array of effect for their photo prints. They can choose any size for the print without having to compromise on picture quality.

If you are planning to get Giclee prints for your home or office, you can use the internet to find a suitable printing service provider. There are many online printing services providers who offer great Giclee prints at reasonable prices. However, always read user reviews about using the website and the purchased prints.

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