If you are an artist, you must learn to earn from this profession to stay an artist forever. Without the money, you might have to deviate from your passion in favor of home economics. So, you have two choices – sell original canvas paintings or sell their prints. Let’s discover how replicating your work of art by Printing on canvas could pay higher dividends in terms of both monetary and artistic senses of gratification.

The joy of selling your original painting can certainly not be replaced by anything else. However, once it is sold, your work is gone forever. Isn’t it? On the other hand, its Giclee prints on canvas material can be sold over and over again, without losing the original ever.

Though you will be selling the prints for a reduced price, but you would be selling it to many customers and hence reap apparently higher and long term returns. Further, what might make the option sound better is that the printing on canvas using Giclee technology would literally replicate your art work into two.

So sophisticated is the technology and methodology of translating photos into Giclee prints on canvas, that it will be hard to tell the difference between the original and the replica for a layman at least. On the top of it, the cost of Giclee printing on canvas is pretty reasonable. In other words, you will get to make more money out of your paintings.

Moreover, not everyone with a fetish for collecting art works can afford to buy all original paintings for one’s living room/ collection. The fact also goes against you as an artist; it does not let you enjoy the potential commercial success you could have relished by selling your original paintings all the time.

Apparently, most of the people who express appreciation for your work can only praise it immensely, but cannot really afford to buy it, may be not even once. Under the circumstances, Giclee printing on canvas brings your artworks to affordable range for these people, who would certainly like to possess your work if they could afford it.

The article is contributed by a professional article writer, having experience working in different industries. For further information on Printing on canvas, Giclee printing and digital photo online visit http://www.photos2canvas2u.com/.

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