Giclee Difference

Why is a Giclée Art Reproduction different from other types of art reproductions?

There are many ways to create an art reproduction . You can etch your image onto stone, metal, wood, etc. The image can be burned onto a steel plate and printed with an offset press, it can also be burned onto silk and the ink pushed through the openings on the silk to create an image. All of these methods have their limitations. The more prints you make the shorter the life of the production method.

The advantage of the Giclée process is the original production file never wears out. You scan your original piece of art and create a production file. The file is saved as an electronic file and is available for unlimited reproductions. The first print you make today is the same as the 1,000th print you make 10 years from now. The only thing that can change is the paper/canvas or ink.

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