Giclee Art Scans

Using our BetterLight 6HKS scanning back, we capture your artwork at the highest resolution possible, equivalent to 150+ Megapixels. We can work with your artwork up to 36x48 inches in one step. If your artwork is larger, then we capture your art in multiple steps, and stitch the file back together using Photoshop. Once your file is captured and inspected we burn it onto a CD and you are ready to start the production process. Your file is opened in Photoshop, color balanced, and cropped to size. A proof print is produced and you then inspect the proof to make sure the colors match your expectations. We do everything that is possible to make your print match your original. Being that you have unlimited color combinations, we can only mix 12 colors, some colors just do not match exactly.


Your first scan: $65.00
Each additional scan at the same time: $35.00
Proof ready for production: $35.00

You get the following:

  • 1 Raw scan
  • 1 Color corrected file
  • 1 Website file
  • 1 Juried show file
  • 1 Certificate of Authenticity file
  • 1 Note card file
  • 1 11x14 finished print ready for you first sale


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