Giclée Art Print Service

Our Giclée Art Print Service is a multi-step process. You can take all three steps or stop at any one step. The initial high resolution scan is the most important part of the whole process. If you want the best reproduction from your original art, have a professional digital scan made. Yes, you can can take a photograph with your digital camera and get a nice picture, but there is a lot more to a professional giclee reproduction than a nice photograph. Can you see every thread in the canvas or fiber of the paper? – Is the image absolutely distortion free? – Is the lighting absolutely even over the entire image. – Has every piece of dust been removed before the image was photographed? It is the little things that make the difference between a nice picture and a great reproduction.
There is a $65.00 charge to scan the first piece of artwork, and $35.00 per piece for any additional art.


WARNING: All watercolor originals must be given to us flat. If they are wavy we will not be able to give you a high quality reproduction. We have the ability to draw some of the problem with our vacuum table but not all of it. We will not cover any art with glass to correct this problem, so please give us flat artwork.

Note Cards

Note cards include envelopes and a clear plastic bag.  Cards are folded to 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″.  A minimum order of 10 Cards. $1.50 per card. Note cards include envelopes and clear plastic bag. Cards are folded to 5″x7″. A minimum order of 10 Cards. $1.95 per card.

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