The full form of E-book is electronic book format and it includes both images as well as text for presentation of any subject or topic. It is used for publishing and displaying on the electronic devices or digital equipment such as i-pod, personal digital assistants, computer screens or laptop screens. In other words, it is readable and accessible on various digital devices. A user can create this digital book in any format such as PDF or text files. These electronic books are portable and can be transferred to the computer systems with different configurations.

There are several advantages of making use of this format for publishing and displaying works. You can zoom in and zoom out the text of the format as desirable and adjust the font size to your convenience. A person can easily incorporate not only text but also images or graphics and other multimedia effects to a digital book. For instance, you are creating an electronic book in a Portable Document Format and then the digital book can become transferable across different platforms or computer systems. It also has great potential to present information in the digital format. Another advantage of this electronic file is that a user can create content in any language of the world. In this way, you can communicate in many ways and in many languages to others and make them understand you in better ways. It can also store vast amount of information in the format. If the digital file is converted into a PDF format, then it becomes easy to store large amount of data into an application. You can also protect the information or content by encrypting these digital files with the passwords, certificates or digital signatures. It is not difficult to create an electronic book as you can use a variety of converter tools like word to PDF converter for the purpose of preparing a digital book.

Saner Rijet is an IT professional with over 7 years experience working in academic and industry. For an easy solution to convert your Word to PDF documents; visit his site at PDF Converter.

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