Do Giclee Prints Last

A major discussion about the permanence of Giclée Prints has been going on since the first Giclée Print was produced. In the beginning the prints faded quickly. Now that problem has all but disappeared. We print our Giclee prints using pigmented inks only. Dye based inks have the widest color range, allowing the closest match to the original, but pigmented inks have the longer life-span.

Life-span estimates of Giclee prints, printed with pigmented inks, by third-party testing run as long as 100 years without noticeable fading. These tests are done with forced aging and are sometimes suspect. We have done real life testing with prints placed in an enclosed environment and exposed to direct sunlight. After 90 days the Giclee Prints showed less fading than the original watercolor painting. This test was a non-scientific test but does, as close as possible, simulate everyday conditions. It is my belief that the current prints are as archival as possible with today’s technology.

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