10 Ways to Use QR Codes in Direct Mail Advertising

You’ll find plenty of creative ways to use QR Codes in marketing all over the web, but they have particular value when integrated into a direct mail advertising campaign. QR Codes can enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail in a number ways:

First, telling the reader to scan the QR Code with their smartphone is a call to action they can act on immediately, when they are most receptive to your message.
Secondly, once you’ve engaged the person, you can provide more details about your product or service, offer exclusive coupons, discounts or unique content to further entice them.
And finally, you can track usage of the QR Codes to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and make adjustments accordingly.

No doubt about it, QR Codes are the next big thing in direct mail marketing. It is an exciting development, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, because they can be implemented so easily and affordably. Here are 10 ways to use QR Codes in your next direct mail advertising campaign:

Have the consumer scan the code and enter their contact information to be entered into a drawing for free products and/or services.
Send a postcard advertising a property for sale or rent and include a QR Code that launches a virtual tour of the property, then offer a premium for scheduling a showing or attending an open house.
Post real-time event information, e.g. a calendar of events, on a mobile website which can be updated without changing the QR Code it’s linked to.
If you sell a particular brand of product, have the consumer scan the code to open a link to the manufacturer’s website where they can read the specs, reviews, compare the features and prices of various models, etc.
Trying to register people for an event? Print a QR Code on a postcard mailer and have it open the registration form when scanned. Let them pay the registration fee after completing it.
Own a restaurant? Print a QR Code on your menu mailer. Have the code generate a text message or email that signs the user up to get the Soup of the Day via text message or the weekly specials via email.
Include a QR Code in your design that opens a mobile app that allows consumers to search your inventory.
Have the code launch a mobile website featuring testimonials from recent customersand offer a special discount for calling or emailing from there.
Advertising the grand opening of your salon and spa? Send a mailer with a QR Code that automatically dials your number to schedule an appointment.
Simply offer an exclusive coupon, good for a limited time, to drive traffic to your business’s location. Compare the number of scans to the increase in sales to see if you need to sweeten the offer.

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