Security threats are not new to IT and other organizations. Large organizations generally have ‘taken care of’ the security issues with their timely investments in the state-of-art stuff. But unfortunately innovative attacks grow faster than intuitive preventive measures! Intentional attacks on sensitive data and loss of confidential information have always been a prime concern of large enterprises…Smaller and medium enterprises have also started looking at this as it could affect them too in the immediate and long run.

Enterprising SMB enterprises have taken the lead in complying with regulatory and standard measures proactively to curb threats and prevent attacks, even if mandatory they are not compelled to right now. Larger enterprises have started reviewing their strategies to look at the state-of-the-art cloud-based security services that could guarantee up-to date measures in preventing security breaches and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

Despite all these measures, these interventions could still be ineffective. The high cost of deploying these solutions for IT compliance, coupled with the complexity of managing various security tools have made enterprises treat this issue nonchalantly with an attitude of ‘let’s see what we can do when it happens’..

Not for long. Various industry compliance regulations have been formulated to safeguard the interests of business enterprises and consumers. Violation or non- compliance of these regulatory standards, as a fall out, could result in heavy penalties in the form of fines or even imprisonment, besides loss of reputation!

 Ensuring Effective Compliance in your Enterprise

The unfortunate reality has been that even large enterprises are prone to security risks from both external as well as internal threats despite their fortresses! A framework-based, well-defined, automated, easily configurable and quickly customizable solution, and integrated IT compliance solution that enables a simple and unified management process for all compliance, audit and risk management needs is the most ideal solution these offer:

Automated and Integrated Solution Compliance management software provides full support to integrate with any compliance framework and provides feasible automation of all security needs. It is quickly and easily customizable!
Excellent Performance Delivery with Cloud-Based Model – The Software as a Service (SaaS) model facilitates on demand cloud-based services with low investments and high returns.
Monitoring and Control Management Automated solutions help monitor and enforce best IT compliance practices without wasting time. It checks for lapses concerning compliance and audit management, vulnerability Scanning and management, reporting, asset management, email integration and alert management, user controls and accessibility.
High Visibility – You can gauge the compliance status of each and every operational unit of your enterprise in any geographical location through the dashboard that provides extensive visibility and transparency. This gives you the advantage of monitoring the progress of your enterprise as a whole and strengthening the weaker areas with more effective solutions.
Audit Trail – Compliance management software solutions are capable of providing exhaustive audit trails for all compliance related actions.

Benefits of Automated Solutions for IT Compliance

Reduced TCO – Automation features eliminate all manual procedures which help reduce total cost of ownership.
Higher ROI – With well-defined practices, policies and control management, these solutions can bring better ROI.
Flexibility – Scalability and flexibility of these software solutions enables them to accommodate new governance stipulations.

Large enterprises are vulnerable to a number of security threats. They have a large number of employees with operations spread across different geographic locations. Hence, monitoring and controlling the compliance environment in such large enterprises requires balanced and suitable management best practices. Therefore threat management issues in these enterprises can be handled effectively only if they implement compelling IT security solutions that can ensure a secure business environment.

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