If you’re like me and there’s almost nothing you enjoy more than a smoking hot cup of delicious coffee then you probably already know that a cup of organic, fair trade coffee is about a million times better than a regular non-organic, non-fair trade cup of coffee.

There are a few very good reasons why this is simply not just personal preference but an actual improvement in taste.


Organic coffee is coffee that’s grown without the use of chemicals. Using a natural growing process makes anything taste better. Ever have a tomato out of your mother’s garden? Compare the taste of your mother’s tomato with that of a tomato you buy from Wal-Mart or Kroger. There is no comparison. The tomato from your mother’s garden is DELICIOUS and the tomato from the big chain store tastes kinda like a tomato but only kinda.

Organic coffee is just like coffee made in a big garden. Grown with no chemicals under strict natural growing guidelines makes organic coffee taste unbelievably better than the alternative.

Fair Trade

FT coffee is coffee that’s grown by farmers who receive a “fair share” of the profits that are received when the coffee is sold. Traditional coffee farmers are often left with very little money after all the companies/middle men take their profit. But with fair trade coffee farmers are given their fair share. There is a minimum amount of money that MUST be paid to FT farmers and these farmers simply produce a better crop of coffee.

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