High quality canvas prints using modern digital methods is an anonymous phenomenon. You can have number of canvas print using the modern methods of printing technologies. Hence you get your canvas printed pictures to be presented as an art be it your living room or bedroom or anywhere in your office. You will find a quantity of printing firms which nowadays have surfaced in almost all the states, wherein you approach to get the canvas prints. These can also be a great gift idea, besides wearing for your own selves.

A canvas print is also called as canvas art or delayed canvas, which is the result of any picture, printed over the canvas by being stretched or comes with gallery, wrapped on a particular frame and then gets displayed. Generally all the types of canvas prints are used for amount of interior design along with stock images or come through a tailor made formats with your personal or loved one’s pictures. Nowadays prints on canvas is becoming quiet famous choice among people of different walks of life wherein they gift their associates and loved ones or decorating items for your residence or office interiors. And the graphic designers or artists sometime use the digital canvas prints to display their art and master piece to people and coworkers.

Previously the canvas printing was done using old methods of printing called as offset prints which of course didn’t had this quality and was seen as a time taking procedure. But when digital printing came embarked in the preceding days of 1990 the digital printing started changing. The prior versions of canvas printing through digital means used dye sublimation or the inkjet printing processes.

The canvas printing material is often made up of cotton; however, the cheaper ones are plastic based poly canvas in general employed for reproducing the photographic pictures.

The modern large format printers are competent to print on canvas rolls ranging from 60 inches and more. However, the contemporary and modern inkjet based printers are now competent to print directly over the canvas itself which are being brought up by the foremost printing giants. These high end printers allow the quantity of photographers and artists to print straight to canvas without any hassle or problem that too with mind blowing quality with simple click of the printing tab. Printing on canvas for wall art is usually offered for approximately 400 GSM and must be white cotton with 100 percent purity to display the true color over them.

Once the print is out, the canvas is trimmed to the desired size and glued over the wooden panel or the old style stretcher bars. These frames are solid pine and underpinned material based to have a durable quality. Well there you are with the picture, go position them anywhere you want in the office or residence. Certainly adding these pictures in your house or office can add aesthetic values of your place.

Canvas print is a great way to add a splash of colour to any room, display family photos or create a stunning wall feature. Here, we’ve listed some great ways that you can use canvas prints in your next interior design project.

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