Having your artwork printed on canvas can be a very valuable thing, not only to your lifestyle but potentially your job to. So basically you’re an artists and all you want is people to recognise your work, and to be loved by the whole world, basically everyone. Ok so that would be any artists dream, the only mean thing I would say to stick to its commitment and you might hear me say that allot on this article but its true and I’ll tell you why.

You enjoy painting and you love to show off your work and reap in all the brilliant vibes that people give off when they view your work, but you just wished there was more hours in the day were you could paint more. So my answerer to the problem would be to have lots of canvas prints printed of your paintings, then when you have a client that wants to purchase a painting you could offer them a print of the original at a lower cost and this not only saves you the time of painting another original but it will also give you the time to paint other images and add them to your collection, thus you would be creating a catalogue of images. While the printing company does all the work you can benefit from not only the profit from the prints but the time to carry on and create other masterpieces So it actually is possible to be a famous painter but to do it you need commitment and you have to have a vision of what you want from life and what is has to offer.

If you do have some canvas printing done of your artwork or even if it’s from photos of your artwork,  it’s always good to get the feedback. Start small with friends and family then try a few fairs, don’t worry if you don’t get that much interest for sales to start, as long as people like what they see, then that is a good sign, then all you need is more people to be looking at your work. Don’t forget that some people do like  original paintings to so try to sway them more to that way as it would be better for your name and also better for your pocket to. Remember stick to your plan and give it time to unfold as these thing don’t happen overnight and i would definitely recommend the canvas printing idea to give yourself not only a good idea as to people liking your artwork but also to give you some leeway to create other brilliant and amazing pictures which can also end up being great sellers. Good luck and god speed.

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