Canvas prints are an artistic revolution in the sense that you can now take your favorite photo and turn it into a work of art.

But how is canvas prints created? First, a client chooses a photo that will be printed on to the canvas. This photo will be scanned and then digitally enhanced so that it will not lose integrity when printed on canvas and to make sure that it has all the hues and tonalities of the photo. Many canvas printing establishments use printers and scanners that are specifically designed for printing photos on canvas. They use drum scanners to scan original, flexible photos up to 500 x 700 mm in size. For larger photos or images that cannot be taken off their frames, a large format transparency of the photo is taken and then scanned. As for printers, many canvas printing companies use Giclee printers. These printers do not use a screen so there won’t be visible dot screen pattern on the finish product. Giclee printers are also much bigger, measuring over a meter wide. They also use special light-fast inks which will remain true for more than 20 years if kept out of the sun.

Canvas prints are prized for their ability to emulate and display the vibrant colors and hues of an original photo. Canvas is celebrated for its ability to make images come alive, thanks to the material of the fabric. Great works of art are painted on canvas for the reason that the texture of the fabric fills the image with life.

But while colorful works of art are favored by most canvas print aficionados because of the vibrancy they exude, black and white canvas photo prints also have a strong following – the same way the popularity of black and white photography endures despite the emergence and eventual prominence of colored photography – because they hold a certain mystery for the onlooker, as well as evoke certain emotions.

If you are considering getting black and white canvas prints, it is best to know that the ideal photo to choose is that of people. The black and white image of a person or group of people looks so beautifully evocative on canvas (as well as photos). This is the reason why photographs like those of James Dean in Times Square (arguably his most famous photo) remain popular.

When choosing a photo for your canvas print, consider picking a picture of a loved one, perhaps a photo of your child. A close-up black and white picture of a child’s face is probably one of the sweetest images you could ever find, and seeing your little one’s face come to life on canvas is breathtaking.

This is also what makes black and white canvas prints beautiful gifts. For instance, you can give your parents a black and white canvas print of their wedding photo. They would surely be delighted. You can order black and white canvas prints from a noted service provider and have them made according to your specifications.

Izabella Harris is an expert when it comes to home decorations and arts. She is good at making canvas prints and arts. Currently working with CanvasWorld, she intends to share tips about canvas prints information and more.

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