Best Giclée Printer – Harrisburg, PA

What is the best printer to use for Giclée Prints?

There is no best printer. There are four color printers, 6, 8, and 12 color printers being used for art reproduction. I have seen absolutely beautiful prints made from a 4 color printer, and real garbage being printed with a 12 color printer. The greater number of colors allow the operator to get better color gradations, but if they start with a bad file all the colors in the world will not make a good print. Take a look at the Giclée prints that are being produced by the shop you are visiting. Are the images sharp, are the colors clean and brilliant? Are the edges smooth without any jagged steps. Do the edges have white halos? These are all tell-tale signs that it may not be the printer but the person using the equipment.

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