There are many benefits to email archiving solutions and they are listed below:

The first benefit is to aid the SMB in meeting legal requirements:

Compliance to regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, SEC 17a4 and the Patriot Act (to name just a few). All these legal requirements specify how to manage the email lifecycle: which emails to keep and for how long, and which emails to dispose of and when. In the case of legal action the email archive should be fully indexed and searchable, so that that retrieving emails is done as efficiently as possible. This saves SMBs from paying costly lawyer fees for manual searching of printed emails.

A second benefit is improved system performance and reduced costs. When emails are archived, they are removed from a central email server. Mail box sizes decrease which results in the need for less expensive disk storage and reduced backup and restore times. There is also quicker access to the now smaller mailboxes and better protection of emails in the case of an outage or maintenance window.

Finally, email archiving helps to manage the retention of corporate information. As such, email archiving software enforces the policies to retain and/or delete emails thus reducing legal exposure. Archiving can be used to analyze email and take centralized decisions and actions.


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