Documenting photographs of places or people who have created an effect on you personally is a good hobby to get into. With a lot of tools and gadgets nowadays, producing your photos in different types of products such as T-shirts, calendars, mugs, poster prints, and much more are only some of the few and exciting ways you can keep memories close to you.

Looking at the stuff around you in a different perspective can create wonders for from the simplest things, you can create art at any place and time.

Water: Taking photos of different angles of water figures is a very refreshing sight especially when blown up by poster printing services. Taking pictures of different rock formations, streams, fountains, or waterfalls in different and unusual angles can give more character to your photos. These types of photos will look good as display on a wall and a lot better because you took the photograph.

1. The Elderly and Children: Taking snapshots of bystanders could be a good semblance of the normality of life. Close up shots of older people project interesting facial lines to capture. Also, serenity shown in their faces is a nice portrait with a moving effect if captured properly.

2. Side Streets: Busy, crammed up, and dirty side streets can seem like a much more interesting subject for a photograph compared to a clean and regular sidewalk you see every day. Turning something filthy into a work of art is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding tasks of a photographer and achieving such photo can serve as one good art piece in itself.

3. Pedestrians: Another good idea for display is taking shots of pedestrians. Try not to limit yourself to taking full or half body shots and go for something more adventurous like all heads, feet, or skirts. Taking odd pictures of areas you regularly visit such as school or work will be more interesting to you as you capture a new look into a place that is of routine to you.

Turning normal happenings, people, and places into something unexpected can be achieved by changing your view of the matter. Photography, even just as a hobby, is good exercise to enhance your artistic side, and can make a good personal collection too.

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