Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) March 29, 2013

Many keynote speakers use visuals to tell their story. Air Graffiti Takes that up a few levels, said Dennis Walthers, owner and founder of Air Graffiti Dallas. The giant 8 X 10 Air Graffiti digital canvas wall is used to create art relevant to a speakers message. The impact is both powerful and stunning, said Dennis.

Dennis Added; I am inspired by Artist and Keynote speakers like Erik Wahl that beautifully combine their uplifting message in their speeches with his remarkable artistry on canvas. I aspire to be able to add value to a key speech with a digital technology like Air Graffiti from Air Graffiti Dallas.

Using a combination of high end technology, Air Graffiti Dallas is able to provide a service that is appealing to event attendees. Through the use of Infrared emitters with spray paint cans, Air Graffiti software creates a real-life looking digital spray paint on an 8 x 10 rear-projection digital canvas screen.

Through our Make it Thunder Service, a keynote speaker tells their stories with vivid visual details, as a skilled artist breathes life into the speech for the audience in real-time, and in a way that has never ever been explored before, said Dennis Walthers. Keynote speakes are always looking to pack a punch to their speeches and this helps enhance their presentation and make their point in a powerful manner. This makes speakers unique and more marketable.

The Air Graffiti virtual wall, with its extensive color pallet is easy to use and allows for complex art by being able to adjust the spray width, transparency and blur. Guests at an event will have an exhilarating experience while being treated to a broad array of painted images on the digital screen during a speech.

Corporate branding and customization can be incorporated by placing the Logos and art into a Cover file in PNG format that cannot be painted over and will print on every image.

The bold idea is to add to the power of the spoken word with visuals that are being created in the background as the speaker takes you on a journey. The speaker is now armed with a new arsenal of communication tools that can be orchestrated to build to a crescendo together as the speech is being delivered.

Speakers seek to find ways to separate themselves from others. With the average speaking engagement bringing in up to $ 20,000, there is a lot at stake for a speaker to stay on top of his game, said Walthers. Using the artists creations, the speaker and the Air Graffiti Wall will bring home the message of the speaker. It is cool, impactful, emotional and leaves the audience saying WOW!”

For additional information about the Make It Thunder service offered by Air Graffiti Dallas, visit the Air Graffiti Dallas website (http://www.AirGraffitiDallas.com) and use the Contact Us tab. For more information about Air Graffiti Dallas via phone, call 214-293-5044.

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